Thursday, July 29, 2010

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

Well in the beginning I was thinking where I should start with. 

Having seen the first part Transformers I knew this movie will of course not be the type where lots of grey cells need to be nurtured.

I have always been a fan of Science Fiction movies, but to consider Michael Bay's Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen is like making fun of some legendary directors like Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas & of course James Cameron.

Well though I grew up during the time of animated transformers, I had never seen one. So without hurting the feeling of all the hardcore followers of this franchise, my personal outlook on this 2nd sequel is how can we put this title in the shelf of Science Fiction? I enjoyed little bit of the first part only because of the visual effects which was definitely praise worthy. In the beginning of the first movie itself we were told the origin. Whether everyone will agree with me or not, but I feel that the only reason for making Revenge of the Fallen was for the sake of keeping the franchise alive & to milk as much of money it could have extracted from the box office. I feel hardcore faction of Terminator & Alien Series will agree with me to some extent.

Firstly in the 2nd part way too many new characters were included as such I hardly cared for any one of them. May be I saw this just for some computer generated robots & because of hot Megan Fox....:)

The basic plot remains the same, hapless human caught in the war between Autobots & Decepticons. I think by this time almost every one has seen this movie, but for those who have not yet seen, the story in short, its revealed long time back some ancient clan of 'Transformers' moved from universe to universe in search of 'Energon'(Sounded to me like Eragon) sources. In order to do so they used devices called as 'Harvesters' to draw the energy from the stars in order to power "All Spark" which I think every one knows had been the central theme of the prequel. Any way these Transformers were called as "Dynasty of Prime" who had some principle of their own....funny isn't it (they too had philosophers like we human...)) to spare the planets which had life. Naturally some one has to break this, other wise we will not have the 2nd we learn one of the member (who will be known as 'Fallen') of this special clan makes one of the Harvester on Earth. So in order to hide the key which drives this device rest of the Prime sacrifices their I think you can pretty well guess what would have followed. Whoa!!! What a story...seems like it will put 'Aliens' even to shame.

When it comes to acting I think there is barely any thing you will notice in CGI Robots who are way too busy kicking each others'ass. Never felt sorry for fallen Autobots because that depth had been missing from the very beginning itself. This movie is simply for those who just like actions without much logic to work on. Though the box office had shown pretty positive market for this sequel, sometimes I feel...have the viewers lost the very essence of Science Fiction Movies...however Cameron's highly anticipated movie 'AVATAR' was able to revive this lost genre. I think Spielberg's presence in the production shoes might have helped in boosting the visual effects to some great extent. So to finish with, if some has missed this movie, you can pretty well skip, otherwise you can rent it or download it but truly this does not deserve to be purchased.

My Rating : 3.5/10

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