Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Ever since its prequel The Matrix we had very high hopes for The Matrix Reloaded.
Though this movie was not the best but still it was not able to institute the same vitality as its predecessor. 

Although the quality of this movie was highly improved, considering the increase in the production budget after the success of The Matrix, still there had been some minor flaws which ultimately stalled this from becoming the best as a sequel. Hardcore cohorts will definitely disagree with me.

So what exactly went wrong? Let's start with some of the scenes which I think could have been avoided to amplify the polish ness as well as the overall thematic quality.

Be aware I will be revealing some minor spoilers in the next few lines.

Personally I feel Morpheus' speech at 
Zion was not needed, some what this looked as if he was the "Messiah". The theme where the people of Zion "celebrating humanity" was completely unnecessary & it actually ruined the tempo. Adding up the lovemaking scene between Neo & Trinity was also not necessary, as we were not watching Titanic but a serious movie on an ongoing war between man & machines, after all the core theme had been very similar to the Terminator series.

Apart from some of the scenes which I feel could have been omitted, the narrative still remained rich & the complexity became more apparent with the inclusion of lots of other characters who will form the integral for the final chapter.

As a second inclusion this definitely was an enjoyable movie but as a stand alone this movie was just good …..But not "Good Enough"

Overall I did enjoy the second edition of the 'The Matrix' series which was marred by the final chapter which was a complete disappointment. I think every one has to agree on that.

My Rating : 7/10

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