Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Matrix (1999)

Writing down the review of The Matrix is itself a sturdy effort. I will try but can't guarantee ... :) 

The Matrix will always remain as a triumph in the genre of Science Fiction. Filled with rich narrative, this movie was triumphant in revolutionizing the thinking process of the viewers. The Wachowski brothers have presented us with some story which we could have never imagined even in our wildest dreams.
Since this movie deals with a complex theme, this will require every attention in order to comprehend the flow of the story. This movie is definitely not for those who just like to see action without willing to appreciate the philosophical approach and the depth of understanding.

When it comes to casting, I think Wachowski brothers have made the perfect choice for putting Keanu Reeves as 'Neo', I don't think any other person could have pulled it so efficiently as him. Of course I don't need to mention that Carrie Moss was perfect as 'Trinity', did I miss some one... well...who will forget Hugo Weaving as 'Agent Smith' & he was simply brilliant.

Action has been the integral part of this movie and will it be very hard to believe that it had become the groundwork of many new movies for the years to come. I think since so much innovative technique was adopted for the visual effects; it was not difficult even for the Academy Awards to be acquainted with and thus aptly awarding this movie for its Sound & Visual effects.

Well I had been the unlucky few to have missed this movie when it came out to the theaters, but I did enjoy when the DVD came out. I must say the DVD transmission was not at all regretful. Sound quality was top notch.

This movie had been the part of the Trilogy and comparing with the other two movies, this had been the best as a stand alone very much similar to the 'Terminator' Franchise.

The Matrix might have received mixed reviews but truthfully this was one of the best science fiction movies which came out in the late nineties. This also had been successful in revitalizing the interest amongst us; after all we go to Movie Theaters expecting to enjoy the show with a mesmeric experience.

My Rating : 9/10

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