Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution (2011) : Video Game ~ First Impression

After waiting for almost a year finally I had hands-on experience with Eidos Deus Ex Human Revolution. Since I have lately started to explore the world of Dues Ex this article will just dish up as a preliminary note. The hype surrounding this game can be vindicated with its grand story & state of the art graphics. Human Revolution does not fall in with the typical FPS genre but it’s a blend of role playing with the choice of disposing off threats through lethal & non-lethal techniques.

The story so far…you take the role of Adam Jenson, ex-SWAT functioning as a private security officer for David Sarif who owns a leading company in Detroit which specializes in human augmentations. When Sarif Industries gets attacked by some mysterious radical faction Jenson gets fatally injured & he is forced to endure high-tech cybernetic augmentation to survive. From here onwards the plot begins.

If you have played Mass Effect then you will see the resemblance when it comes to exploration & interaction. The game is entirely played from first person standpoint yet while taking cover behind objects you can fire from third person perspective. There are no separate training missions instead instruction videos turns up time to time helping you to comprehend range of moves & action. Only feature which I found a bit perplexing is the hacking system; I guess it would take some time in mastering. This game provides a fully interactive world & it would take hours to know each & every details. Jenson’s futuristic world may look grim but it’s nevertheless thrilling. You will be stunned to see how much modification can be done to your protagonist’s augmentation. This is the type of game which I would recommend to anyone. There is plenty of room for you to choose between stealth & full frontal attack to cruise through the campaign.

Just go & get the retail copy of Dues Ex Human Revolution; you will not be disappointed.

First Impression Rating : 9/10