Thursday, April 25, 2019

Avengers Endgame [2019]

Back in 2008, when Iron Man came out, no one anticipated that Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU] would be such an imposing success, as it is today. The decade old journey has not just turned prolific but gave us all a befitting conclusion to an epic Infinity Saga. 

Synopsis: To undo the wrath of Thanos’ galactic level extinction, the remaining band of enduring members from earth’s mightiest heroes ‘The Avengers’ will try for one last time for a final face-off against the mad titan.

Even though the core plot was wrapped under full secrecy since Infinity War’s arrival, within fandom speculation, outrageous theory & production snaps, it was evident that we would we seeing time travel or reference to it. There have been many movies which has already ventured into the realm of time travel notion, yet the fresh take on its concept was quite brisk in Endgame.

If you thought Infinity War was the crown jewel of the Marvel Studios, wait until you see the grand finale. Kudos to Anthony & Joe Russo, for putting forth countless characters & yet making it impeccably composed with lucid plot. Each member gets his/her fair share to shine, special nod goes to Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff who plays an intricate part within the mid-act that would overlay path for the monumental third act, Chris Evans as Captain America, RobertDowney Jr. as Iron Man, with lot of inter-story arch being finally concluded.

Final act of the film not only places Endgame at the epitome of super-hero genre, ever to get filmed but can vaunt for having one of the best single take action sequences in the cinematic history of movie making; this will make any comic book nerd & movie aficionados gasp out of absolute bliss. The fight between the legendary trio Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & Mad Titan, is beyond words.

This has been the fourth consecutive time where Russo brothers have collaborated with Kevin Feige to put forth the final film for phase three. Whether they take up future assignment within MCU multiverse, time will tell. For now, get ready to be awed by the cinematic spectacle. Avengers Infinity War & Endgame will be helmed as one of the greatest super-hero movies of our generation ever to be put up on main screen, since Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

My Verdict - 9/10 

Whatever it takes, this is an absolute must-see experience!!