Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brothers In Arms : Hell's Highway (2008) : Video Game

Gearbox Software’s Hell’s Highway is the third entry in the Brothers In Arms franchise. Even though I heard a lot about this series I never got the chance to really play it; finally after getting hold of this title I was looking forward to experience it. Unlike other Second World War games Hell’s Highway is very different. The story actually emphasizes the human elements amid all the action. The story follows the men of 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment & their involvement in Operation Market Garden, September1944. Once you start the game you take up the role of Sergeant Matt Baker.

As the story proceeds you get to know a lot about Baker’s personality. In-gaming will also reveal Baker’s psychosomatic side as he tries to cleave to a horrifying secret behind the death of three of his former squad mates. Most of the incidents take place in & around Eindhoven where 101st Airborne Division was given the assignment to secure the city & repel any kind of German counter-offensive.

Just like its predecessor Hell’s Highway accentuate on squad mechanics. From time to time you will get access to command two or three squads like MG Team, Assault & Bazooka Teams. With linear control interface it would not take much time to get used with issuing a range of commands like providing suppressing fire on enemy MG nest or for taking out Panzer IVs. Most of the missions include taking out German Flak 88s or securing town centers. Some sporadic missions will let you complete objectives without any support teams giving the feel of regular FPS games. You will even be given the chance to command one Sherman Firefly Tank although I was disappointed with its maneuver limitation, although it can roll over sand bags or fences but cannot squash through brick walls which is sometimes quite annoying as it takes out the feel of realism. The infantry cover system however is quite imposing; this attribute lets you to take cover behind any objects & fire from third person perspective. Another unique feature introduced is the ‘action kill cam’, whenever you score an enemy head-shot it is always shown in zoomed slow motion giving you a cinematic feel.

Visually Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway is pretty impressive & can par with any present generation games. It’s the story & the soundtrack which makes this game standout from the rest of the World War games. If you are interested in story aspects then this is the title to get hold of. Experience the brotherhood & witness the mayhem through the eyes of Matt Baker; Welcome to Hell’s Highway.

My Rating : 7.5/10