Sunday, December 19, 2010

Serenity (2005)

Joss Whedon’s Serenity is not just about special effects; with intricate narrative it’s an engaging science fiction saga. Even though shot with a limited budget, the production design was very impressive.

Plot : In a distant future, mankind has established living colonies at far away star systems. It seems that most of the inner planetary systems were under the control of newly shaped authority called Alliance. The story soon drifts towards a psychic girl named River (Summer Glau) with mysterious powers, who seems to be manipulated by the Alliance to use her as a weapon against those who defy their pledge. After being rescued by her brother Simon (Sean Maher), they take refuge in a mercenary ship Serenity captained by Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Filion), who also happens to be a veteran in a rebellion against the Alliance. Things were going right until River’s mental instability causes the captain to question the safety of his crew, at the same time they are being pursued by an elite assassin who will not stop till he eliminates River, as she carries a treacherous secret which can bring down the alliance power from galactic supremacy.

Apart from the imposing effects, the action infused was top notch, specially the ones displayed by Glau in close quarters combat. The movie ends with an open note making us believe for a possible sequel in the future. Serenity cannot be compared with other science fiction movies like Star Wars etc., still as a stand alone it does great to allure the viewers.

My Rating : 8/10


  1. Good review. Great movie. Unjustly overlooked, as was the series "Firefly" which it was a continuation of.

  2. I love SERENITY and the underrated and under appreciated FIREFLY from which it came. Great review.