Friday, December 24, 2010

Tangled (2010)

This year Walt Disney fruitfully delivers yet another well crafted musical animation ‘Tangled’.

Plot : It all began with a single drop of sunlight falling to the ground & leading to the birth of a mystifying golden flower which had unique abilities to heal the sick & prolong youth when songs were offered to it. An old witch named Gothel witnessed this power & used it to sustain her youth. Years after when one queen of a nearby kingdom falls seriously ill during child birth, the soldiers come across this inexplicable flower & use it for healing their queen, who then gives birth to a beautiful golden haired girl named Rapunzel. However on learning that Rapunzel’s hair still holds the healing abilities of the flower, Gothel kidnaps her & isolates the infant in a tower. Every year the kingdom sends thousand of floating lanterns into the sky wishing for their lost princess to return. Years later when Rapunzel turns eighteen, she insists Gothel to let her go on her birthday to the nearby kingdom & witness the floating lanterns whose reason she is unaware of. Circumstances bring Eugene, a droll thief to the tower who befriends Rapunzel & agrees to accompany her to the royal kingdom. Finally it’s all about the revelation of Rapunzel’s true identity & how she unites with her long lost family.

With superb animation, the characters are well developed. This movie is beautifully choreographed with well tuned songs. Some of the songs were even performed by Mandy Moore herself who also provided the voice over for Rapunzel. Tangled is an entertaining movie with a balanced story, comedy & romance. This three elements have always been the generic theme for all the Disney movies. Look out for Pascal the pet chameleon of Rapunzel & Maximus the royal guard’s lead horse; they were the real show stealers. Tangled has all the ingredients required for a family movie to thrive in the arena. Highly recommended.

My Rating : 8.5/10

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