Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skyline (2010)

Special effects alone cannot help in making a movie successful; this is the case for Strause brothersSKYLINE. We have already seen lot of movies based on alien invasion, so it was anticipated to see a bit different approach on this subject.

Plot : Jarrod & Elaine have flown to Los Angeles to attend Jarrod’s best friend Terry’s birthday party. Next day early morning some very bright blue lights starts descending from the sky, whoever looks at them gets completely transfixed & then gets engulfed by an unknown entity. On further investigation Jarrod finds out lot of huge alien crafts hovering over the city & sucking the entire population. Not understanding the complexity of the situation he & his friends try to fight this new nightmare hoping to escape from it.

Even though the movie had an interesting start, many plot holes & less involvement made it weak compared to its peers like Independence Day & other similar type genre. Not much is known about the invasion or the purpose behind it. All that was shown is that not a single soul was spared. Eric Balfour as Jarrod & Scottie Thompson as Elaine were the only two characters who received the utmost screen consideration, rest were just used up as alien fodder. The ending also gave an insinuation for a possible sequel. Some thought on the plot & better perceptive on the character development could have made this experience way much better.

My Rating : 4/10

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