Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Chance (2008)

Private First Class Chance Phelps was only nineteen when he was killed in Iraq while conducting convoy duty on April 9th, 2004. This is an anecdote of his final journey to his home town Clifton, Colorado through the eyes of Lt. Col. Michael Strobl who had eagerly volunteered to be his personal escort.

For those who are not aware with the procedures involved before the fallen soldiers are finally put to rest, this is a very good place to start with. This movie is not just about Chance’s journey but how his return has moved all the people around, experienced by Lt. Col. Strobl while traveling. There are very few dialogues throughout the movie yet its message is quite profound & memorable.

Kevin Bacon as Lt. Col. Strobl did a brilliant job by enacting as U.S. Marine officer who executed his leadership with utmost professionalism. The bond between the old veterans & young marines also showcase the fact that no matter the age, rank or even the theater of battle they will always value their traditions & undertakings.

Movies like Taking Chance is kind of rarity these days. Any one will be stirred after watching it. Even being an outsider to these events; I feel perhaps this story is universal & connects all the fallen men & women in uniform who gave up their future for our better tomorrow.

The last few lines by Lt. Col. Michael Strobl were most memorable.

Chance Phelps was wearing his St. Christopher medal when he was killed on Good Friday.
Eights days later, I handed the medallion to his mother.
I watched them carry him the final fifteen yards.
I felt that, as long as he was still moving, he was somehow still alive.
When they put him down in his grave, he’d stopped moving.
I didn’t know Chance Phelps before he died. But today…I miss him.

My Rating : 8/10

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  1. Nice review. I have heard good things about it and your review reminded me I want to see it. Sounds like Gardens of Stone, which I have also not seen.