Monday, January 17, 2011

Tron Legacy (2010)

Joseph Kosinski’s Tron Legacy is more of a visual feat than a tangible science fiction tale. Comparing to its’82 prequel Tron, this one was definitely a step up only if you are more concerned with visuals; still at some point the story seemed to lack the essence at certain phase. Here we take a trip to the digital world very similar to what we have seen earlier in The Matrix though the transition was quite different.

Once again we meet Kevin Flynn, a mastermind software engineer & CEO of ENCOM. When he goes missing for roughly two decades shortly after making a breakthrough in cyber technology his son Sam grows up without any parents. Believing his father to be dead; Sam takes little interest in taking active role in Flynn’s company despite assertion from old family friend Alan, who also happens to be the board member of ENCOM. When Alan receives a strange pager message from Kevin’s old arcade, Sam goes to investigate & accidentally triggers a laser which transports him to the GRID; an alternate reality within the computer world. However this world is ruled by his father’s alter ego, Clu a fanatical dictator. Finally when Sam meets his father who happens to be trapped for long, they team up together to escape the GRID & prevent Clu from crossing over to the real world for global supremacy.

The actions are dazzling though there are quite a few of them. Jeff Bridges once again revives the role of Kevin Flynn from Tron. In spite of the limitation in the script he worked out his character eloquently. Olivia Wilde’s role as the protégé of older Flynn, Quorra brought some sensuality & sexiness in her role though it was left less explored. The soundtrack however is really good & might provide some stiff competition for Inception during the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards ceremonial. Tron Legacy had the potential to advance the story after considering the time it had taken to come up, still the visual variety was something which saved this to a great extent.

My Rating : 6/10

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