Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Fighter (2010)

When it comes to boxing couple of movies straight away comes to mind; the most prominent of those are Rocky, Raging Bull & Cinderella Man. Making biographical sports film can be tricky as it might not work if not expertly recounted. The Fighter is not the kind of movie which we have not seen earlier but its presence is highly accelerated by great performances put up by Amy Adams, Christian Bale & Mark Wahlberg.

The film centers the life story of former professional boxer Micky Ward also known as Irish to his fans & his half brother Dicky Eklund. The story opens in early ‘90s on the streets of Lowell, Massachusetts where some crew from HBO has been documenting Micky’s older brother’s daily routine. Although in the beginning they revealed that the short film was supposed to be on how influence of cocaine can destroy lives; Dicky still believed it to be on his celebrated comeback as he himself was a former New England Welterweight Champion. Even though Dicky had some initial success for the time being he had been working as Micky’s trainer although he spent most of his time in crack house smoking pots. When the ineffective training & inept assistance from his mother as manager lands Micky into a bad fight; Micky realizes that some alteration was indeed required. Soon Dicky’s association with criminal activities leads him to imprisonment thus leaving Micky to hire thereafter a new manager & a trainer. When a new girl; Charlene enters Micky’s life friction starts to happen with his already dysfunctional family which threatens to wreck his career. How he works against odds to get a respectable return in the boxing circuit is the main content of The Fighter.

Though the story is fairly predictable the performance from Christian Bale as Dicky was purely exemplary; if I need to put this in one word. In order to bring forth the drug addiction Bale lost weight which I assume was not hard as he had earlier mastered that feat in The Machinist. The drama elements were natural & the entire castings did great to make the fractured family look believable. The settings did work out giving the notion of the downtown Lowell. The chances are that this movie might get some nominations for 83rd Academy Awards with Bale as the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor.

My Rating : 9/10

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