Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Battle Los Angeles : A Closer Look (2011)

Probably by now most of you might have heard about the upcoming movie Battle : Los Angeles.

From the trailer it’s quite evident that the story will be centering on global alien invasion. Lots of information is now accessible from the recent trailer. The incursion at first will be mistaken as a meteorite shower; the impression looks very similar to Steven Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds where aliens used lightening storm to conceal intrusion.

With a budget of over hundred million, I just hope the production team has emphasized on the story as well; remember Skyline? In recent times I feel District 9 offered entirely new concept which was also thought provoking. Jóhann Jóhannsson’s song The Sun’s Gone Dim however aptly suites the trailer. The story would work great if it explores the possibility of such invasion. An intelligence coming from few million light years would be having comprehensible technology to defeat us & not the other way round. Just for the sake of cinematic effect we always tend in considering something which is not pragmatic. Just take a look at Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day though visually impressive yet it is filled with series of implausibility which can sway a thinking mind in finding inconsistency.

This year the list of science fiction movies is quite big. Let’s just hope Jonathan Liebesman has taken some initiative to show something special.

After watching the trailer I am actually looking forward to see this movie.

Releasing Date : 11th March 2011

Trivia : The releasing date 03-11 also signify US Marine Corps' MOS Code 0311 for riflemen. MOS Stands for Military Occupational Specialty.


  1. You mention two movies I despise - Independence Day and War of the Worlds. If Battlefield: Los Angeles is anything like them ,count me out!

  2. I hope they put a good story which is acceptable ...logically

  3. The US Army is hands down the finest fighting force on the earth, capable of defeating anyone, anywhere, anytime, you have no argument. This one looks more realistic and interesting this kind of film. Entertainment Bay