Sunday, January 9, 2011

The X Files Movie (1998)

The X Files have been one of the most celebrated television series ever screened by Fox network. For those who are not familiar with the franchise, these series dealt with various conspiracy theories like the government cover up related to existence of extraterrestrial intelligence & other paranormal phenomena. This series what I can say has defined the era of ’90s & have since then became a part of our lives. The name X Files were given to all the unexplained or rather I should say unsolved cases by FBI. Such cases were investigated by FBI Agent Fox Mulder a believer & Dana Scully a skeptic; these names became the legendary icons of the series ask any ardent viewers & you will know what I meant. It was not far off to expect a movie based on the series. As original as the series itself the movie was really good & it will not only be enjoyed by its fans but also the newcomers. Though some of the aspects were taken from the television series lots of unrequited features from the series were explained in the movie bringing conclusion to our generic understanding.

The movie opens in North Texas, 35,000 B.C. where a deadly secret kept buried in a cave is first encountered by two doomed Neanderthal men. Now in present day somewhere in Texas when a small boy falls into a hole while playing & stumbles to some deadly substance something bad starts to happen. With the X Files closed, agent Mulder & Scully were assigned to different tasks. When a terrorist bomb destroys a federal building in Dallas, Mulder & Scully are drawn into a treacherous conspiracy beyond anything they have faced in their career. When they try to unfold the mystery they soon come across a virus which may have some extraterrestrial origin that could prove a greater threat to the very existence of planetary life. As the duo catches up with the secrecy they soon find themselves against a faceless syndicate who will stop at nothing till they accomplished in keeping their secrets safe. Whether all the incidents are sporadic or do they have any real connection is for you all to find out.

Rob Bowman succeeded in keeping the movie true to its series. David Duchovny as Mulder & Gillian Anderson as Scully were the best choices ever made by Chris Carter (The original creator of the series). Without this duo I cannot imagine how the series would have gone. With one of the most memorable soundtrack this had been one of the best transitions from television to movies ever. Even if you are not familiar with the series try to watch The X Files Movie, who knows this might pit you for liking the series after all.

The Truth Is Out There

My Rating : 8/10 

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