Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iron Man 2 (2010)

After almost waiting for two years, we finally saw one of the most anticipated movies of 2010.

To begin with, this movie fell short to be a masterpiece if compared to its predecessor. Back in 2008 Iron Man had amazed the critics as well as the movie buffs across the globe because of its sheer story and superlative action; thus raising the super hero genre movies to monumental heights. It was inherent for us to have high hopes of its next title.

For those who are still having doubts on this, I would certainly urge everyone to watch this film in the big screen. Iron Man 2 practically starts after the events we saw in the first edition. Tony Stark's revelation of being Iron Man has prompted the 
United States government for asking him to surrender the technology for better cause. Here Stark meets his new adversary Ivan Vanko a.k.a 'Whiplash' enacted by Mickey Rourke who seems to have a personal motive for seeking vengeance. Apart from this we are also shown some new developments in Stark's life which I wish not to disclose here.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man had been the best choice made by director Jon Favreau; his charisma and acting talent had alone made the first movie such a success. Apart from some of the similar faces we have seen earlier, this time Don Cheadle as Lt. Colonel James Rhodes proved to be a worthy addition to the title. Personally I feel it would have been nice if Rourke's character was given some more attention because being the foremost antagonist of Iron Man his legacy seemed to be too short lived.

Iron Man 2 have concerted more on the drama elements than on the action possibly for making grounds for the future movie on 'The Avengers'. As an advisory note if anyone is planning to watch this movie only for its adrenaline pumped action then it might be little bit disappointing, as the sequel is not having much action so to say like its forerunner; however whatever action was there it was top notch and equally commendable.

To finish with, this movie lives up to its expectation as I had said earlier, only I hope in its next title they balance the story with some more action. This is surly not to be missed in the theaters.

My Rating : 7.5/10

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