Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clash Of The Titans (2010)

Earlier in 2009 when the first trailers of Clash Of The Titans started to role out I hoped that it might offer us fine story with some mammoth effects.

After watching the movie I can say that it was rather a disappointing experience.

Since I have not seen the earlier make which came out in the early eighties, I really cannot go for a relative study and say which version fared the most.

Given that this movie was based on Greek legends I think there was a great possibility to make this fantasy as large as the 'Lord Of The Rings' franchise. Well I was too optimistic for which I felt so hammered while watching this.

Personally I felt the story way too short and lacked the momentum. Short of character development also made us feel less when any one of them died.

Avatar might have proved an initiation floor for Sam Worthington to fame, but being the main protagonist 'Perseus' did not live up to my anticipation. I can say he fared way too well in the last box office disaster Terminator Salvation.

In one go, it seems that Sam had fewer to spill words rather than flexing muscles.

The story was believed to be an epic journey to prevent the underworld from unleashing hell to earthlings, so definitely there was lot of scope to make this journey a tour de force. I hoped that the story would focus more on the struggle as well on the hardships meshed together with good amount of epic battles. The end result was mediocre.

Whatever actions you might expect from this movie have been mostly relayed in the trailers added with some surprise wow factor.

Overall the special effects had been good, predominantly when 'Kraken' makes its screen presence but the vibrancy of the 'Medusa' was lost because of what I call as bad CGI glitch. Eventually Ramin Djawadi soundtrack gave some life to the movie which otherwise would have been completely lost because of weak narrative.

Either way some will definitely love while others will hate this movie. Going to watch this with less expectation will surly chic the mood.

My Rating : 4/10

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