Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kick-Ass (2010)

Amazing is what I think about this movie right now.

If truth be told, Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass has given us a new edge in the comic based movies.

Actions are fast & gritty still it has the essence of some comic relief in between to have some light moments.

The story is simple; where a regular teenager round the block decides to be a super hero calling himself as 'Kick-Ass' & faces the reality of what it takes to be a 'Hero'. Circumstances changes when he comes across vigilante father & daughter team who call themselves as 'Big Daddy' & 'Hit Girl'; who clean the streets by killing the men working for powerful drug Lord Frank D'Amico. Well... I will not go into any further details because it surly will give away the plot and I don't wish to do so for those who haven't seen this movie yet.

Aaron Johnson as 'Kick Ass' has really done a great job, but the main lure for this movie is Chloƫ Moretz as 'Hit Girl'; she is simply awesome. Nicolas Cage as 'Big Daddy' or rather the side kick had been perfect and revived himself in a much better way than what we have seen in his earlier title at Ghost Rider.

Remember Sin City this movie too has lots of profanity and violence; no doubt this got 'R' rating but I will not at all be complaining because this movie has offered us exactly what we wanted to see.

The soundtrack is also soothing & by the time the credit rolls the song 'Kick Ass' by Mika will be lingering in the mind for quite some time. This movie is surly not to be missed. So far 2010 start has offered some good movies, apart from Shutter Island I can say Kick-Ass can too join the league of success.

I don't know whether any sequel will be upcoming or not but as a stand alone title this will unquestionably win the universal movie goers heart and support.

This movie really KICKS ASS!!!! In every literal sense

Well "Shut Up. Kick-Ass" :)

My Rating : 8/10

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