Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avatar (2009)

James Cameron once again proved that if you have enough funds and imagination there is no limit to creativity. This movie truly has raised the bar of vision for the future cohort movies. 

Avatar deals with a story which we have seen in many forms; the only thing which makes this film so inimitable, is because of its ground breaking way of staging visual effects which is just spectacular to gaze at. Though the narrative had been quite conventional the presence of 3D as the medium for transmission enhanced the involvement further more.

In short, the story takes us to year 2154 on a moon called as Pandora. Here humans are involved for mining valued mineral known as unobtanium. This intrusion threats the way of life of an indigenous humanoid population called Na’vi. ‘Avatar’ deals with the forename of the project which centers bio engineering Na’vi bodies which could be remotely controlled by humans in order to interact with the native inhabitants. The plot centers a paralyzed marine who knowingly volunteers for Avatar project, falls in love with a female na’vi & later questions his loyalty towards humans.

On personal front I never felt the story to be difficult to get on with; it simply could have been much more, if we had an opportunity to see some more character development. This is the reason for which I had reconsidered my rating.

Avatar brings along some impressive cast like Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang & legendary Sigourney Weaver. Saldana’s role as Neytiri is really exemplary which made us to stop think that we were actually watching photo realistic computer generated characters.

Cameron’s ingenuity can be seen through the vast life form he created for his fictional Pandora. This film shows us what to anticipate in future motion capture animation technology.

Overall, this is a must watch in 3D in order to value its credibility.

My Rating : 8/10

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