Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inception (2010)

In the time of remakes, Nolan brings frontward something so original that it's hard to evade.

Let me put this straight; Inception is a kind of mind buster if appropriate attention is given, viewers will be suitably rewarded. It's not the typical popcorn flick which we have got used to so often.

By this time I guess everyone got little bit of idea on the plot; In short

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a kind of specialist who has the skill to get inside people's dream and steal their ideas for various reasons. During one such assignment the subject (dreamer) being aware of Cobb's real intention jeopardizes the mission. However impressed by Cobb's skill he is offered a new task for self redemption. Instead of stealing a dream he needs to implant one in a key business tycoon's mind which will lead to known repercussion in real world.

That being said lets talk about the casting.

The cast assembled for this movie is more than perfect; DiCaprio's role was well balanced by Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard & Joseph Levitt. In various reviews I came across people tetchy about less character development other than Leo; well I guess that is how Nolan wanted to tell his story. Ultimately it all depends on how we interpret.

Action sequence infused within the movie was simply "amazing" and the pace was very much accelerated by Hans Zimmer's pulsating score.

The essence of the movie can be felt with its beautiful cinematography for which credit should definitely be given to Walter Pfister.

In short this is a masterpiece & should never be missed in the theaters.

Time has come for us to leave behind memoirs of 'The Dark Knight' & move ahead to accept Christopher Nolan's new great work 'Inception'.

This movie will beyond doubt be the theme to lots of movie enthusiast café talk for the months to come. Remember Memento... :)

My Rating : 10/10


  1. Nice Review ... One of the best sci-fi movies I have seen...

  2. Very nicely said, yup it's not a popcorn flick, It's an inspiration ..