Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Blog on Movie Reviews

Hi Everyone,

For quite some time I had been thinking of starting a blog on accounting my experiences on watching movies.
In broad-spectrum I write reviews at Rottentomatoes & IMDB
Though not professional, I still enjoy writing; thanks again for visiting my blog.
I would be glad if you pen down some comments. All suggestions are welcome.
That’s all for now, bye and keep rocking!!

-- DJ

Note: Reviews posted here are also available at: RT  IMDB

1 comment:

  1. ei DJ! :)
    you surely have passion for movies! ^_^ it would be great if the first screen that will appear after typing "", will be about the most recent movie there is. in today's case, it would be great if people can see 'inception' as default page rather than transformers... just my two-cents worth,