Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taegukgi : The Brotherhood Of War (2004) : Korean

A riveting story of how a family gets devastated during the Korean War in 1950.

We are introduced to a small family of two brothers, Jin-tae, Jin-seok their mother & Jin-tae’s fiancĂ©e Young-shin. Jin-tae worked as a shoeshine who gave up his formal education in order to take care of his younger brother. Their mother managed a small noodle shop with the helping hand of Young-shin. In the early June of ‘50s, South Korea was attacked by North Korea, while trying to leave Seoul; Jin-seok gets drafted into the army. In order to protect him, Jin-tae too gets enlisted. During the course of various battles, from defensive line of Nakdong River to the North Korean capital Pyongyang both the brothers witness the horrors of war. With time Jin-tae atrocious nature alienates him from his younger brother.

Jang Dong-gun as Jin-tae had been an excellent pick by director Kang Je-gyu. His performance as the rough sergeant & caring brother is admirable. Won Bin’s portrayal of the sensitive brother Jin-tae is what brought him to the international eminence. It was not the special effects which made this movie so unique but the stupendous performance by the entire casts.

This movie can go hand in hand with any of today’s big budget Hollywood productions. When it comes to action it was very gruesome & realistic, war movie enthusiasts will be reminded of Spielberg’s masterpiece ‘Saving Private Ryan’. It is not a movie which has any biased message but simple story of people under extraordinary circumstances. It never fails to show the atrocities done by both the nations in the name of war.

It is safe to say Taegukgi a.k.a ‘The Brotherhood of War’ is one of the greatest war movies I have seen. Everyone should be captivated by its sheer power of the tale, even if you leave aside all the special effects. This movie skillfully depicts what war can do to man & how hate can destroy an entire nation. No wonder both the Korean Nations are haunted by their past to this very day.

My Rating : 8.5/10


  1. Good review. I saw this movie before I began my blog journey and was impressed by it. I am looking forward to watching it again as a potential 100 Best. It is not on Military History magazines list which is an oversight, I'm sure.

  2. Looks fantastic. Nice review. I will look for it.