Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Book Of Eli (2010)

Yet another movie based on post apocalypse, very much similar to “I Am Legend”.

Nevertheless this movie fails to hit the chord which Will Smith’s movie did in a very artistic way. The main glitch is here not the casting but with the narrative which looked dragged making it tedious. Apart from some sporadic action in pieces this movie does not have much to offer.

The story is based on a nomad named ‘Eli’ who had been traveling for thirty years in post apocalyptic world in search of the West Coast of the United States. It seems a divine voice had instructed him to deliver the last copy of King James version of Bible, which he was in possession of. So how Eli manages to deal with various obstacles to achieve his task is what ultimately this movie brings forth to its viewers.

Denzel Washington as Eli had been a good pick; he managed to provide vigor to the character of Eli, however Gary Oldman antagonistic role as ‘Carnegie’ was rather weak, this had been one of the reasons why the movie felt rather ineffective in delivering the essence of urgency at vital juncture. Mila Kunis (Max Payne) had been provided as a supporting cast & her role had been limited in literal sense as such her character ‘Solara’ had nothing much to add to the story. The soundtrack was quite soothing which did suit the overall surrounding; those who are familiar with ‘Terminator Salvation’ will find a similar cinematography of the desolate mainland.

Whatever actions are presented is pretty much similar to the ‘Resident Evil Franchise’, of course we will not be presented here with the army of the undead; still the sword fight had been quite gritty & realistic. The only part which I felt the movie had been successful in delivering has to do with the climax which I believe many viewers will not see it coming. How the movie is going to work with the masses entirely depends on personal preference.

My Rating : 5/10 

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