Sunday, November 7, 2010

Call Of Duty : Black Ops (Preview)

One more day left for the most anticipated game of this year. Of course I am talking about ‘Black Ops’ the 7th installment from the Call of Duty series.

This time it’s developed by the Treyarch, personally I really enjoyed their version of ‘COD: World at War’. Very little is known about this game, except the fact that this title is primarily based on the missions undertaken by the black ops operators during the Cold War. From the released trailers so far it looks some of the missions would be surrounding the Vietnam War. It’s pretty exhilarating to know that the development team have ventured into the history related to the Vietnam conflict. I hope some maps would be expanded for the multiplayer campaigns. Treyarch is bringing along the character of ‘Victor Reznov’ (Reference: World at War), so I have no clue whether there is going to be any kind of reference to the other COD series or MW titles to put forward a closed loop.

In the single player campaign we are supposed to take over the role of Special Forces operative Alex Mason & CIA field agent Jason Hudson. Some facts related to the game development is pretty exciting, Treyarch has used the motion capture technology in order to get more realistic facial expression, we have already seen this technology in Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ so we know its going to be big. Veterans from the Cold War have also provided valuable consultation to the development team; I am sure this game is going to be the most realistic & exciting among all its peers.

Hans Zimmer had been behind the soundtrack of the Modern Warfare series, I hope this title will also be able to provide some memorable tracks. Present generation first person shooter based games have become more realistic, thanks to the technological advancement. Let’s just hope that ‘Black Ops’ manages to break the record of ‘Modern Warfare 2’.

Note: Officially going to be released on 9th Nov 2010 for PS3, X360, Wii, PC.

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