Friday, November 19, 2010

The American (2010)

‘The American’ is a crime thriller directed by Anton Corbijn.

The story is based on a hired gun named Jack (George Clooney) who is on the run from some unknown group who wants him dead. After foiling one attempt on his life at Sweden he flees to Rome. After establishing some contact with one of his associate, he moves to small town at Abruzzo (Italy). Remaining part of the story takes place in the town, Castelvecchio Calvisio.

George Clooney delivered a solid performance; the character of ‘Jack’ was properly fleshed out & given us an adequate amount of time to relate with the story. The pacing of the movie had been slow until the last segment where the tensions buildup for the final showdown. Viewers who like fast paced plot might be jaded as this does not have the same spirit of typical thrillers.

Cinematography is quite comparable to the movie like ‘In Bruges’, if you have akin to genre like ‘In Bruges’ then you should like ‘The American’ while the former is having a theme of redemption to some extent, the later is more or less on survival instinct. This movie never seemed to be dragged unnecessarily.

My Rating : 8/10

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