Monday, November 1, 2010

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Euphoria

If there is any game which truly deserves to be made into a movie then Modern Warfare 2 aptly suits the tribute.

Being an avid gamer I knew why MW 2 caused a sense of exhilaration when it came out in late 2009.

The disparity between the developers Electronic Arts & Infinity Ward is that even though both of them have provided us with Military based FPS, when it comes to sheer adrenaline pressed story, Infinity Ward evidently comes out as the winner.
 Call of Duty franchise had already earned the appreciation among the gaming communities world wide so it was nothing new that its developers were ready to take the series to the next level. In 2007 we received the first title of Modern Warfare a.k.a COD 4 which had been an instant hit. The changes which had been perceptible had been the graphics which was highly improved from its predecessor as well as the plot line.

November 2009 had created history within the entertainment industry with the launch of Modern Warfare 2. It was not only good as a game but gifted us with an explosive story.

The plotline of MW2 is a direct continuation from COD 4 which seems to happen five years later. After finishing the game it was clear that the mass hysteria was not irrational but this game definitely had something to gossip about. Apart from the most talked about game of the year; it also had its own share of criticism. The most apparent controversy surrounding the game had been inclusive of one particular mission where the player has to take the role of a C.I.A operator & work undercover with Russian terrorists to take part in a mass carnage at the Zakhaev International Airport (Moscow). Infinity Ward did provide an option for the players to skip the mission if there have been a feeling of discontent.

One more downside of this title had been the short length of the single player campaign. The new feature included had been the co-operative mode titled as ‘Special Ops’ where two players can play in a co-operative mode & its far more addictive than the multiplayer mode.

Music had also been great, of course when Hollywood legendary composer Hans Zimmer is in what will you expect, nothing short of a masterpiece, a true ‘Mozart’ of our time.

Fact :
The total revenue from the first day sales in the U.S. & UK was $ 310 Million, which made Modern Warfare 2 as the biggest entertainment launch in history. As of January it has taken over $ 1 Billion in sale.

My Rating : 10/10

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  1. I love this game. I can't wait for Black Ops.