Saturday, December 11, 2010

Salt (2010)

Salt is a stylish spy action thriller which should gratify almost every movie enthusiasts. If you thought that Wanted has shown you all the moves of Jolie, then take a closer look at this movie.

Evelyn Salt is a thriving CIA field operative, married to a German arachnologist. Everything appeared perfect when on the day of her wedding anniversary; a Russian renegade named Orlov during cross-examination claims Salt to be a KGB sleeper agent. Her assignment was to kill the visiting Russian president at the time of the funeral ceremonial of the late vice president of the United States. Taken aback by the allegation she runs from the intelligence agency in order to prove her allegiance & to shield the one she loves before the time runs out.

Angelina Jolie nailed the character of Evelyn Salt to perfection. Director Phillip Noyce had taken the right decision for selecting Jolie because no one could have pulled this to such stature.

With a great plot & fast pace this is a kind of movie which we all crave to see once in a while. There are three different versions available for this movie; the theatrical release, unrated director’s cut & the extended unrated cut. Each version provides a substantial change in the story. I found the extended cut far more intriguing than the theatrical release. If you are fascinated with the idea of watching some high octane action crammed thriller, this should definitely suit the purpose.

My Rating : 7.5/10

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