Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transformers : Dark Of The Moon (2011)

Michael Bay’s final entry in the Transformer franchise offers a mixed experience. Visually Dark Of The Moon is incredible & the 3D transition looked quite imposing though not radical like Avatar, as many claimed. Well, that’s the good part which is undeniably going to electrify the usual crowd; however there were certain aspects which might be of concern for some. The length of the movie was far too stretched with some cliché dialogue from our human characters.

Plot : It is revealed that the entire Apollo Mission of putting man on Moon was a cover-up meticulously planned by United States, to investigate a cybertronian spacecraft which had crash landed in 1961, on the far side of the moon. The craft known as The Ark carried some valued technology which could have changed the tide of war in Autobots favor & save Cybertron. In the present day as the Autobots helped the NEST Team in search & destroying remaining Decepticons on Earth; Optimus Prime (leader of Autobots) learns about the secret of The Ark. As the Autobots race against time to reach Moon & unfold the anonymity of the crashed cybertronian craft, Decepticon’s crippled leader Megatron devices a scheme with a hideous entity which would plunge the humanity into a new nightmare.

Once more we see Shia LaBeouf reprising the role of Sam Witwicky; teenager caught between the conflicts of the extraterrestrial clans. Novice Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Sam’s new girlfriend Carly is surly a stunner but with limited script she had nothing to do other than being rescued from the cybertronian muddle. Other than known faces from its early sequels John Malkovich as Sam’s eccentric boss & Frances McDormand as the new Secretary of Defense builds up the faces of the human resistance before the Decepticons started their onslaught for a full frontal war on the Chicago city. There are some unforeseen twists still at some parts the story seemed in-coherent & some forced comic relief could have been easily avoided. As mentioned earlier the effects are really good which makes it sensible to watch it in 3D; still the second half is bloated with actions & explosions which might be tedious for some.

Among the Decepticons the new attraction definitely here will be Shockwave & its creepy worm-like cybertronian pet. Transformers 3 have some intense action scenes which would gratify the conventional viewers. This movie is comparable to its predecessor, only this time it comes with more bang than you can truly handle. If you have enjoyed its prior sequels then I don’t see a reason for leaving out this one. This will evoke interest among those who are interested in visceral over the top explosions & blondes in haute couture. I can assure you one thing; Transformers 3 fared much better than Revenge Of The Fallen.

My Rating : 6.5/10

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  1. the war movie buffJuly 5, 2011 at 5:50 AM

    Although I have no intention to see it, your review sounds exactly as I picture the movie.