Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) ~ First Look

Finally we get the chance to get some glimpse of the most anticipated movie of 2012. Even though the teaser trailer embraces some of the footage from the earlier two sequels; the final cut looks epic nonetheless. I wish Nolan’s final chapter in the Batman-saga a gratifying finale.


  1. It looks great, I can't believe I still have to wait a year for this to come out.

  2. I'm Sam .. hope you enjoy the LAMB .. we love new members. Be sure to stay active and of course, keep on writing.

    Good luck mate.

  3. This trailer is the definition of a teaser. I can't wait for a more extended version when we can get a look at some of the new characters!

    And the Cat woman poster looks weird.

  4. @Real People

    'The Cat Woman's' poster actually offers a dark tone.Nolan definitely knows how to present this character. Still, 1 more year to go, can't wait anymore.