Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some Are Soldiers, We Are Ghosts : Wildlands

Over the years, ghost recon as a franchise has grown as one of the most realistic military tactical shooters, but what made it so alluring has been its customization features & its nature of game-play. So, after a break of five years, we again get chance to live the life of these legendary undercover operatives. Unlike its predecessor Future Soldier, Wildlands has returned from its futuristic cache & returned to its original core play of tactical shooting, a subtle way of homecoming.

Campaign Plot: Ghosts are back, this time its war with Santa Blanca, a Bolivian based Drug trafficking organization whose influence has spread across borders causing mayhem within social spectrum. When one DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent gets abducted & tortured to death, United States Government gets concerned & starts rallying its special force assets to put an end to the narco-state’s ever growing activities by aiding local rebel outfits.

How different is it from Future Soldier?

Core mechanics of game-play remains the same, however this time it’s an open world & believe me it’s massive. Player gets to choose his/her way to complete the story, depending upon the style & mode of selected difficulty, fifty to sixty straight campaign hours will be a rough estimate, provided the number of side ops/missions gets completed on way for weapons & skill upgrade. If you are into micro-management, you would love the Gunsmith & battle gear feature. Only change this time has been how skill points gained over time gets its usage for unlocking much needed special abilities & item features. 

Some issues are however noted while dealing with its vehicles, at least in PS4 the flight controls are not that lucid, I do hope Ubisoft finds out some way to fix it. 

Graphics is more or like other widespread titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End or Grand Theft Auto V, however the Bolivian world’s flora & fauna is overwhelming. At times, the game-play gets taxing if played without meticulous planning, still it succeeds in upholding the Ghost Recon legacy, a worthy successor to the ever-growing charter.

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