Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) ~ Epic Finale

It’s tricky to have a thriving trilogy yet Nolan has effectively fulfilled the Batman legend with style.

No one has ever taken super-hero based movies seriously until we got introduced to Batman Begins. Staying true to the origin of the cape crusader Christopher Nolan has taken us deep into the world of Bruce Wayne’s fractured life & his reason to fight injustice under the hood of shadowy vigilante. With a fitting foundation we were offered with the next installment which will always remain as the Holy Grail to all batman fans & movie fanatics alike. Even today, The Dark Knight not only stands out as the best graphic novel adaptation but also as a dark intricate notable crime chronicle. It’s regrettable to miss prodigy like Heath Ledger whose feat as the Joker has immortalized one of the best screen play villain in recent times.

Plot : It has been eight years since Batman vanished from Gotham City after taking blame for crimes committed by late Two Face/Harvey Dent. When a mystifying cat burglar going with the name Selina Kyle forces herself into Wayne Manor, Bruce senses sinister plot however arrival of a masked radical named Bane & his rebellious army compels Bruce to put on the cape for one last time in order to shield the very city which once branded him an enemy, based on lies engineered by Commissioner Gordon for greater good as we know from last chapter.

It is recommended to be well versed with Batman Begins as lots of reference takes queue to conclude the story arc. Stakes were higher for making this film as the anticipation had built up from past few years hoping for a great grandiose finale. Nolan has accomplished to bring this story to yet another level which very few have tried to gamble. Unlike the 2nd installment The Dark Knight Rises plays heavy on script with various twists & the last half an hour is nothing short of spectacular. It is unreasonable to compare Bane’s character next to Joker. Tom Hardy succeeded to flesh out Bane as shear brute where physical intimidation plays a key role. The fight between Bane & Batman is one of the most imposing moments in Rises where it taunts us by showing that even heroes can be bested. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle grounded the character not just as grifter but also as a classic movie femme fatale. Keeping true to the rational world of Nolan she delivers a striking show. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Officer Blake is one of the new additions to this saga & plays an integral part. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne pulls off yet another marvelous act & does justice to cape crusader’s tale. Apart from brilliant performance from other supporting casts the soundtrack set by Hans Zimmer is beyond doubt, epic.

This is a story which showcase us how Batman has affected the society & how Bruce has to deal with new threat & decide whether he shall return to save Gotham. The Dark Knight Rises is a multi layered story with massive amount of action, something which we have experienced in Nolan’s other chartbusters. It’s really amazing to see how the movie brings everything to full circle. Let’s just say, the final installment proves to be a fitting conclusion to one of the greatest trilogy in modern times.

My Rating : 9/10


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