Thursday, December 8, 2011

Warrior (2011)

"The only thing that I have in common with Brendan is that, pair of us, we have absolutely no use for you. ~ Tommy"

Warrior is a coming of age story of struggle & endurance. We have seen something alike in last year’s acclaiming movie The Fighter.

Plot : We are introduced to Tommy a former marine who drops in to pay a visit to his estranged alcoholic father Paddy, a former coach of Mixed Martial Arts. Soon we learn about Tommy’s elder brother, Brendan who works as a high school Physics teacher seems to be stressed financially to support his wife & two kids. Brendan & Tommy do not seem to have a cordial relation because of some precedent misapprehension. Even worse, they both hate Paddy for his past abusive nature. Fate however brings both brothers to the arena against each other in mixed martial art tournament for a take away of five million dollars. One likes to win to overcome bankruptcy & support family, the other one has to win so that he can help a widow & her children of his fallen mate from Marine Corps.

At one point it becomes obvious when we don’t like the brothers to lose. It’s strange but true. Nick Nolte as Paddy nailed his character as the regretful father who wishes to sober up in his remaining days. Joel Edgerton seems to be right pick by Gavin O’Conner who reminds us of Jim Braddock from Cinderella Man. Tom Hardy once again proves his worth as a multitalented actor who can switch to any roles he is given to act upon.

With intense fight sequences & riveting tale, Warrior would undeniably stand out as show stopper for the days to come.

My Rating : 8.5/10

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