Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rango (2011)

Amid all the action & thrill this year, Nickelodeon Movies set the right chord with Rango. However this fun crammed ride is not just for young people alone; adults too will get their share of entertainment & should definitely be surcharged with rich color filled 2-D animation. Even with predictable plot & references from the western classic, Rango still upholds its true spirit with great triumph.

Meet Rango, a fantasizing pet chameleon living in a glass box enclosure. When his home falls off his owner’s car due to miscalculated driving, he gets stranded in Mojave Desert. After befriending an armadillo named Roadkill who was in search of a mystical spirit, Rango barely escapes from being eaten by a big hawk. Soon he makes his way towards ‘The Town Of Dirt’; a wild west settlement. He finds himself well matched among various talking animals. After being lucky in finishing off the same hawk which had also been terrorizing the town, the turtle mayor appoints Rango as the new sheriff. Trouble does not end here, it is soon realized that the town is suffering from an acute water shortage & without it, anarchy will set loose. It befalls upon Rango to find a way to end the predicament. There also seems to be a hidden agenda among some unknown sect who seemed desperately trying to drain the settlement dry. Will Rango be able to purge the crisis? I will leave the rest for you to enjoy.

Voice over by Johnny Depp as Rango proved that he was meant for this role, spicing with hilarious moments. Isla Fisher as Beans & Rango’s love interest helped to lighten the moments whenever things turned murky. With great animation & cinematography Rango proves to be an absolute visual feat. Take a break from your daily chores & make sure you take your family to watch this movie, I am sure everyone will enjoy it irrespective of age.

My Rating : 7.5/10

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  1. Rango is one of the most eccentric animated films you'll ever have the pleasure of sitting through. Its homage to westerns combined with its explosive action sequences, an endless amount of hilarity, tender and sentimental moments that actually make you feel sorry for a talking lizard, and even a little bit of romance pretty much has all your bases covered as far as genres are concerned. Rango is a dark, witty, and entertaining ride that's also fairly mature for an animated film. All in all, Rango is easily the best movie of 2011 so far.