Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Finally got the chance to see ‘Toy Story 3’; Pixar has finally given a fitting closure to this wonderful franchise.

Woody, Buzz and rest of the gangs are back. As their owner Andy gets prepared to go for the college, the toys are concerned about their future. However, having spent an entire childhood with the toys, Andy too is emotional and decides to keep the lot in the attic. Accidentally all the toys get donated to a daycare named ‘Sunnyside’. Initially the toys are thrilled with the thought that they will again be playmates to the group of young toddlers, but their eagerness swiftly turns to horror as they discover the true nature of the establishment under the rule of the deceitful ‘Lotso’ Bear. The story ends with how Woody formulates a scheme to save his friends and help them to escape the confinement and return home to Andy where they truly belonged.

Apart from the captivating story, the animation is just amazing. The characters are lively and the voice over is perfect. Leaving aside the regular dose of hilarity ‘Toy Story 3’ provides some nits and bits of sentiment which blended flawlessly thus bringing us more close to the characters. This movie will definitely work for adults and youngsters alike
‘Toy Story 3’ for sure delivers the implication to all of us which is; everyone at some point of time will certainly be reminded about their hasty childhood and the toys they have cherished for so long, only to be forgotten with the track of time.

My Rating : 9/10

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