Saturday, June 18, 2011

X-Men : First Class (2011)

Mutants, since the discovery of their existence they have been regarded with fear, suspicion often hatred. Across the planet the debate rages, are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain or simply a new species of humanity fighting for their share of world. Either way it is a historical fact, sharing the world has never been humanity’s defining attribute. ~ Prof. Charles Xavier

One thing which makes the characters of X-Men so appealing is the fact they are all about ‘Mutants’. For those not familiar with the terminology, in graphical world of super-heroes Mutants were humans with genetic traits who possessed the ability to nurture inherent super human abilities. Watching these characters on big screen was not far fetched. The only challenge the studio could have possibly faced while filming was on providing equal importance to all the multi-dimensional characters. However Bryan Singer’s directional debut X-Men in 2000 cleared all those suspended speculation. With laudable effects & likeable story, Marvel Studios set forth a successful franchise which was soon to release successive sequels for the years to come.

In 2003, Singer rejuvenated X-2 by introducing new mutants, focusing more on Logan’s life thus expanding the franchise. Hugh Jackman re-furnished his role as Logan a.k.a Wolverine. X-2 proved to be a sequel worthy of its name. The failures of last two installments were evident with the absence of Singer.

Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men : First Class is perhaps the best film in the entire series. With solid script & outstanding performance from James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender & Kevin Bacon, First Class succeeds in elevating the franchise once more.

As the name suggests, the story focuses on the early days of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) & Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) before they became Professor X & Magneto. Origin on the brotherhood of the mutant fraternity was adequately emphasized. Taking cue of the Cold War & Cuban Missile Crisis back in ‘60s Matthew cleverly aligned the story of mutant’s origin.

The story begins at a German concentration camp in occupied Poland during the prime days of Second World War. For the first time we are shown the magnetic power of Erik when he is forced to separate from his parents. On witnessing the phenomenon Erik soon gets exploited by vicious Nazi scientist Dr. Schmidt (Kevin Bacon) who kills his mother only to prove the influence of rage as the key to unlock Erik’s power. As brutality waged across Europe, on the other side of the globe we meet young Charles who possessed incomparable telepathic power. When the war in Europe approaches its closure we soon see the rise in strain between United States & Soviet Union thus marking the era of Cold War. Taking advantage of the political flux Schmidt masked now as Sebastian Shaw creates a Hellfire club with the aid of some concurring mutants furtively scheming on taking over the world. When Shaw becomes an inevitable threat & brings the world to the brink of another nuclear confrontation, it befalls on Charles, Erik & their team of young mutants as the only hope of humanity to prevail peace. However Erik seems to have his own vendetta.

Couple of new mutants has been introduced & they are really captivating. Some of them are capable of shape-shifting while some can discharge energy with a blast. My personal favorite had been Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones), mutant talented in creating colossal ultrasonic waves. Only baddie who really looked effective other than Shaw himself was Azazel (Jason Flemyng) who had the ability to teleport at any given moment. X-Men boasts some awe stirring special effects which of course did not sub-due the plot. This is definitely the best super-hero movie from Marvel Studios this year.
My Rating : 8/10


  1. the war movie buffJune 18, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    Your review kind of makes me want to break my vow never to watch a superhero movie again. I just can not get into them. And its not that I haven't tried. Thor broke the camels back, perhaps my life would have been different if I had waited and seen this instead. Alas!

  2. Yes, compared to THOR, this was too good to be missed. Apart from awesome special effects the acting of the main casts were stupendous.