Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises ~ New Trailer Revelation - 2012

Approximately 78 days left for the most anticipated movie of 2012. Will this be the decisive Batman trilogy finale we have been craving for? Only time will show. I have full conviction on Christopher Nolan’s ability to deliver yet another magnum opus.

Latest trailer does provide an insight about the forthcoming plot. I think Bane’s voice is much more coherent than what we have seen so far in preceding trailers & prologue. So far we already know that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ takes place eight years after Bruce Wayne/Batman taking accountability for crimes committed by late Two Face/Harvey Dent. However Bane’s vicious havoc in Gotham will compel Batman to emerge & shield the very city which has branded him an enemy. Nolan has previously said that this story will bring closure to the legacy in a very plausible way. Let’s just hope for the best!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

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